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Welcome to, the free online translation service in Bulgarian, English, French, Italian and Spanish. This translator on line allows you to translate of English into the Bulgarian / bulgarian into English. Bulgarian from and to French / bulgarian to and from Spanish. Free automatic translation between English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian


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Free Machine translation between English, French, Spanish and Bulgarian, © SkyCode Ltd. Enter text in English, French, Spanish or Bulgarian. Keep in mind that the input text is limited to 500 characters. This service provides rough bulgarian translation allowing to get the gist of the input text. If the translation is intended for a broad set of people, it is advisable to turn to a professional human translator Proper punctuation (commas where necessary, full stop at the end of the sentence) is important! It is MANDATORY for the Bulgarian texts to be written in cyrillic. Proper punctuation (commas where necessary, full stop at the end of the sentence) is important! New line is not considered to be end of the sentence. Free machine translation from and to Bulgarian, English, French and Spanish Enter text in English, French, Spanish or Bulgarian: Online machine translation from English and French to Bulgarian, online machine translation from Bulgarian to English and French

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